MUS - Online Assessment

Please read the instructions, information & advice before starting the exam.


1. Tell the invigilator at once if:

•You have completed the test 

•You need to go to the washroom


2. You must not ask for the answers to any questions. However, the invigilator can read the questions to you.

3. You are NOT allowed to :

Use MUS books or any other books to aid in answering questions

Use the internet or any other electronic device to look for answers

Ask your siblings, friends, parents, relatives or anyone else via any communication method to answer the assessment questions.



1. The maximum mark for the online assessment is 100 marks.

2. The number of marks for each question is given in brackets [ ]

3. There are 50 questions in this exam.

4. Pass park for the MUS book 1-7 exam is 51%, and for the MUS Graduation exam is 81%.

5. You have 1 Hour to complete the online assessment. The timer will start once you click the Start Test button.

6. Each MUS candidate will be given the questions randomly to prevent cheating

7. You will be able to view your score and grade at the end of the online assessment



Try to answer every question.

Please read each question carefully before you start to answer it.

Ask the invigilator to save & print the MUS certificate for you.