Code of Practice for MUS invigilators in UK & Europe.


A MUS invigilator is any parent/guardian or anyone who will supervise the candidate during the MUS online assessment. 


The MUS Invigilator agrees to stop the child (children) from:

 1. Using MUS books or other books to aid in answering the assessment questions

2. Using the Internet or any other electronic device to look for answers

3. Asking their siblings for answers

4. Asking friends, parents, relatives, or anyone else via any communication method to answer the assessment questions.

Before the examination day, the MUS invigilator agrees to:

1. Provide the MUS candidate with a computer, laptop, or a portable device (Mobile or Tablet) with an internet connection of at least 2MB.


On the examination day, the MUS invigilator agrees to

1. Ensure the candidate is made aware of the Rules & Regulations of the MUS Exam by reading out the Exam Instructions, Information & advice.

2. Tell the candidates when they may begin and how much time they have, to complete the assessment

3. Make sure candidates are not sitting together; there is enough space between each candidate so they cannot cheat during the exam.


During the examination, the MUS invigilator agrees to:

1. Be watchful and always supervise the candidate to prevent cheating.

2. Make sure that a responsible adult is available to accompany the candidate who needs to leave the room temporarily. e.g. going to the washroom.

3. Tell candidates to stop at the end of the examination.


After the examination, the MUS invigilator agrees to:

1. Check that the candidate has submitted the exam

2. Download & print the certificate for the candidate